Easy management of corporate travel policy with EzBizTrip

A Fair Travel Policy

We want to ensure that our travellers stay within their travel policy and at the same time gain flexibility from it. This is why we have integrated policy into our platform. When travel managers put their corporate travel policy into the system, employees would be able to see clearly on which flights & hotels they can book.

Policy Travellers Will Agree With

Having an in-built policy makes it easy for travel managers to keep travellers within the budget. Travellers also have an incentive to save the company money by making wise cost-conscious travel choices.

Travel managers can create a corporate travel policy and change it whenever. Once a policy has been set in the platform, there is no need to worry about travellers booking out of budget anymore.

A formal Expense policy is essential for any business. Both SMEs and big companies can profit from having a clearly defined corporate travel policy as it helps employees understand how a company’s money should and can be spent.

With guidelines being stated clearly in black and white, corporate travellers will have a better understanding of travel spend expectations when on a business trip.

For corporate travellers looking to have their travels reimbursed, abiding by the policy is also vital. Implementing such a policy will establish a mutual understanding between employee and employer that reimbursement is only possible with detailed and accurate expense reports.