Business Travel and Maximising Rewards

We give freedom to business travellers, we provide a built-in policy that companies need & we have it all in one place

Our business travel rewards system programs encourage travellers to save and spend less. Travellers can earn points through our EzBizTrip business travel rewards Programs when smart financial decisions are made. Reward points gained through this incentive travel rewards programs can be redeemed for services or products made available through the EzBizTrip. Wide range of selection available to satisfy all kinds of redemption preferences (business-related rewards like hampers, to personal related rewards like NTUC vouchers).

Employees are more likely to opt for a less expensive hotel option, book ahead, and select exclusive deals when they can earn rewards.

Cash rewards means simple reporting for the company and making travellers happy while having to spend time on business trips.

This is a Win-Win solution for both employee and employer!

EzBizTrip Incentive Travel Program

Our Happy Rewards works as an overall loyalty accumulation of credits for the company to offset their mandatory annual corporate gift expenses.By monitoring travel spends, travellers can ensure that they receive maximum point rewards by not going over budget.These can later be redeemed for products and services from partnered industries.

Benefits of Incentive Travel

EzBizTrip business travel rewards programs allow points or credits earned to be exchanged for other luxuries such as flight purchases or upgrades. These rewards positively impact the travel spend and budget of a company. With EzBizTrip, travellers accrue points through a rewards system when savings are made while on trips. Our top-rated, modern travel management tools provide support by easing booking for corporate travellers and managers and providing detailed invoicing and reporting. Even corporate workers who travel infrequently benefit from our platform in the long term as points will add up, earning them future services and products.