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Get your business ready for a remote working arrangement

Remote working, be it work-from-home or multiple office work arrangements, may potentially be the norm as businesses undertake government COVID-19 advisories. EzBizTrip understands this firsthand as we have multiple teams working remotely in various South East Asia offices, even before COVID-19. Employees and management often find it challenging to work efficiently without the required supporting tools.

With the comfort and convenience of working in office taken away, workers sometimes take on the extra burden of getting approval for their expense claims by superiors and accountants separately. This process can often be long, mundane and inefficient.

Supporting remote workers with EzBizTrip’s Expense Claims Management

Taking advantage of EzBizTrip Corporate Travel platform’s “hidden” expense claims management is easy:

Increase Productivity

Using EzBizTrip’s platform, employees can simply create an expense report to record and submit their expenses no matter where they are.

Higher Efficiency and Accuracy

EzBizTrip’s expense claims allows photo taking/uploading of receipts and invoices from mobile phones and tablets while the amount is being keyed into the system side by side. This increases efficiency as well as accuracy.


With the option of categorizing these expenses, the company’s management can have a bird’s eye view of the full expenses and determine if any of the company’s resources can be reallocated for better use.

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