Business Travel Expenses App

Make business travel expenses report simple, fast and accurate

  • Snap photos of all your expenses anytime, anywhere
  • Expense claim approved immediately after submission and receive detailed records on expenditures during the trips
  • Create your expense management with our automated expense reports, One-click approval and provides visibility into your business travel spend
  • Easy business travel Expense capture and report on automated approval flow, and real-time insights into employee spending.

Automated Reports

Instantly capture and categorize expenses based on receipt images. Submit them as a report when they’re ready.

Expense Visibility

Improve visibility into your business spend with real-time insights with an analytics dashboard.

Gain Control Of Expenses

Snap photos of receipts on-the-go and upload a receipt image

One-click Approvals

Travel managers can review and approve expense reports. Will be notified when an action has been taken.

How it can help you

Keeping track of expenses is vital for the financial management of a company. Proper documentation of business expenses is required to be aware of cash inflow and outflow, and for proper spend management. One of these many expenses that should also be tracked is business travel expenses.

Purpose of a Business Travel Expense Report

Both the finance department and traveller require a detailed report on travel spend. Corporate travellers require documentation so that they are properly reimbursed for the money spent on their business travels. The report will ensure that expenses can be audited properly and effectively.

Benefits of a Business Travel Expenses App

Utilising the functions available on a business travel expenses app like that of EzBizTrip is the solution to most accounting problems that travellers and companies face when tracking expenses on their trips.

A business travel expenses app keeps travellers on track of business travel policy compliance and spending budget. A good tracking app will allow users to capture receipts and keep these digital receipts of travel spend to create a detailed expense report for full reimbursements.

Remote Working and Expense Management

Automate and Manage your daily expense even when you are working remotely!
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