12/05/20202 min read

Newly Launched – Work From Home Expense Report

EzBizTrip has created a new expense report tool for remote workers. This feature will allow businesses to set expenses and ensure claims are submitted on time even when working from home during this pandemic especially. 

Check out our Work From Home Expense report automation system!

EzBizTrip has created this feature with the main purpose of helping to clear frustrations and complications of employees when they are trying to claim their expense while working from home. No more writing on spreadsheets or manually tracking which can lead to a human error in some case. 

This tool will also allow employees to clarify the date of the transaction and all the items that the employees have paid for. In this case, they will also be able to snap photos of their receipts and attach it into the platform. 

Companies are able to have full insights into employees’ spendings. This feature will enable them to have detailed insights into what is spent, and approval ready within a few seconds.

EzBizTrip’s expense management tool has been structured to make it easy for both employees and employers, hence an approval workflow can be modified to ensure smooth expense automation. 

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More information is available on https://www.ezbiztrip.com/.

EzBizTrip is also available on 3 other countries in South East Asia : EzBizTrip Vietnam, EzBizTrip Indonesia or EzBizTrip Thailand