10/02/20202 min read

What Not To Have In Travel Program Policies

Travel management programs are consistently evolving and that is a very good thing for employees.

Why? Well, most traditional corporate programs have harsh restrictive policies.

More often than not, they usually limit travellers benefits and that has made travelling for work feels more like a chore than a positive experience.

This form of travel management comes from the desire to manage travel spend. The goal of most companies even those with just a few travellers.

You must be wondering how cost-efficient it is to make employees plan a trip, submit their preferences and request approval before actually booking the actual trip?

1.Lack of knowledge and care for your travellers.

Ensuring that your travellers are secured is very important.
On our platform, our dashboard enables the management team to be able to see where their travellers are whether they are staying in a Ritz Carlton Hotel or if they’re flying over to Jakarta. 

2.Expense Management.

Travellers and especially, frequent travellers should be able to track and manage their expenses on the go in a few clicks.
With our Expense Management System, our travellers are able to submit their claims for reimbursement right from their itinerary to their manager/Travel manager within a few clicks. 

3. Sharing Itinerary.

While sharing rooms while travelling helps you save money, there is definitely a better way to save money.

With EzBizTrip, when travellers save money while booking their trips, travellers can earn rewards just for saving cost for their company. This encourages most travellers to save money and encourage a happy and positive business trip. 

4. Wrong information on a traveller’s data.

This mistake can be manually and tedious process for the travel manager/ secretary who books for others.

With EzBizTriup, you are able to create a new user, department, roles or just to complete an employee’s profile. This way, you and your traveller can update and double-check for any mistakes on important details as such. 

If any of these sounds similar to you or if you are experiencing these on your company’s travel program, It is about time for you to re-think your program and have an internal discussion regarding the best way for a modernize business travel management. 

Whichever your travel management solution may be, EzBizTrip invites you to explore your options from our website. Most of our clients have seen a positive impact on their travel spend and employees’ satisfaction.