23/12/20191 min read

Still, grappling on your paper receipts?

Gathering paper receipts, piling, stapling, scanning them. Inserting expenses details, waiting for payment, it is all such a tiresome method, isn’t it?

Thankfully, technology has improved and has enabled us to manage our expenses, allow us to book hotels, check out flights all just simply by being on a platform.  

On average, business travellers would spend at least 20 minutes trying to file and manage their expenses from 3 days.

That time would be much more useful to be doing actual work and be productive. 

However, despite the fact that platforms with expense management features is definitely will benefit travellers and has more positive effects once travellers start using them, there are still companies that would not change as it might be tedious for them to restart a new program altogether.

Fortunately,  both employers and employees will still be to improve their user experience. 

With the Ezbiztrip system, It is as easy as ABC. We assist our travellers in managing their expenses as well as give them full insights into their spending. 

With Ezbiztrip expense management system, you are able to add expenses and keep track of your spending as well as see the process of your reimbursement.