30/04/20204 min read

Personal Expense Reports At Home

” Since everyone is working from home, how do we get employees to submit their expense reports on time? “

Swinging by a colleague desk to drop off your personal expense reports might feel like thing of the past. Many workplaces are extending their remote work to corporate with social distancing guidelines by the government.

As a manager, you may find yourself caught between competing requirements. Your employees may be struggling to balance caring for family members and getting the hang of working from home.

The finance department needs expense report information to be on time.

Take control of expense management by using these strategies to help employees submit expense reports on time. 

Contact With Your Employees Regularly

If your usual business operations have recently gone through major adjustments, employees might not see expense reports as a priority. Workers who are newly working from home and balancing work with other priorities may need guidance on which tasks are essential and which can wait. 

Make sure employees are clear about when to submit reports, how to access the system, and who is the point of contact if they have questions. 

Clarify On Their Personal Expense Reports

Personal expense reports can feel like they don’t really affect anyone besides the employee. They’re the ones holding their own claims, right? 

In reality, the finance team need to stay current with the expense reimbursement to avoid a cash flow issue later on. Checking expense reports may be a way to confirm that all employees have purchased essential equipment. 

One other thing to keep in mind is that money is a stressful topic for some people. Some employees hesitate to submit expenses because they feel unclear about workplace measures or what they’re allowed to spend. A fixed expense policy can provide clarity. So can a personal check-in to remind an employee when you need this report and to get to the bottom of any confusion that could be causing a delay. 

Use a simple and easy online reporting system

Complicated, time-consuming paperwork is tough on anyone.

The easier you can make expense report processes on your end, the more likely you’ll see strong compliance rates with employees. 

Online expense reporting is often more convenient to use because you can skip the printing, scanning, and mailing steps. Employees can complete personal expense reporting online and get them in front of your finance team in minutes.

Automation Is Easier Than You Think

Tasks can get tedious when you have to fill in granular, repetitive details over and over.

Not only can this make expense reporting frustrating (Or even tempt some employees to procrastinate ), it can also increase the risk of errors. When you’re bored and frustrated at the thought of sifting through a pile of receipts, your concentration might slip. 

Automating parts of expense reporting can reduce errors and save a lot of time. Expense reporting software can automatically categorize entries, for example. Digital receipt capture can save workers from having to read and type in every item. 

Reward For A Timely Report

We have seen our clients save up to 20% of their annual travel spend by using enabling their employees on using our Happy Rewards Programme Keeping your team’s morale high, even when you’re working apart from one another, can pay back in increased productivity and loyalty. 

Some companies are finding new ways to bring benefits to employees working at home. Some companies are paying for indoor yoga classes, baking classes, and several online activities.

Employees do not put personal expense reports as a priority for a variety of reasons, such as confusion or frustration with the process. Making online expense reporting simple, and making sure employees understand why this task is essential, can help you collect the information you need on time.

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