17/03/20203 min read

How Automated Expense Management Works

Technology is advancing and improving day by day,

Having to keep up with regular changes, while trying to come up with the next best thing, is hard enough. Having a stable grip on your cash flow and expenses makes managing your business much harder. Fortunately, modern technology advances come with some pretty fantastic business solutions. Including an automated expense management system not only eases your financial instabilities, but it also offers the visibility you require to make necessary business decisions, opening up opportunities to get ahead of the competition. 

Gaining visibility and insight into spending

Business travel can be a huge expense.

With employees travelling around the globe, expenses can be a major factor in cash and a major area that needs more control and visibility.

Moving to an automated process should be the first preference to maintain market competitiveness. Attaining control over these expenses guarantees the right budget is going to the right areas of your business, enabling you to continue to innovate. 

Beyond automated processes, employees are expected to have the ability to work from anywhere, so mobility is also important to keep top of mind. 

While employers can focus on the ability to capture receipts via mobile phone, which improves the overall employee experience, they do still lack a mobile expense management system.

Moving beyond automation to mobility

The solution that combines automation and mobility is out there and can be found in EzBizTrip Expense Management.

This truly automated allows employees to simply take a photo of their receipt and system takes it from there. Expenses and reporting can be accessed in real-time in the office or remotely. As od the current state with the coronavirus pandemic, most employees are urged to work from home and handing our physical copy are minimized.

It’s a win-win for businesses of all sizes. Automation saves time, money and reduces error. Couple that with mobility and complete visibility and your spend management is already steps ahead of your competition.

Automation’s On the Rise

Business travel management has several moving parts to reflect. Finance managers and corporate managers are looking for streamlined access to managing their travel programs.

Fully integrated, mobile-friendly travel and spend management tools can be more useful and reliable. Employees who are used to mobile tech appreciate business tools that offer quick responsiveness. Businesses relying on manual data entry are at larger risk for delays and errors.

Automating budget updates, trip booking, and approval can help maintain higher employee fulfilment and stronger budget compliance.