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How to book Flight and Hotel?

1. Log in to your corporate account2. Ensure your trip request has already been submitted and approved3. Go to “Book” at the top menu4. Choose either “Combo” or “Flight/Hotel” at the left bar5. Locate your approved Trip in the drop down6. Enter all relevant trip details and click “search”7. Choose from combo of flight and […]

16/06/20201 min read

How different will travelling look like after COVID-19?

I’m sure there are many questions about the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is going to change our lives. But will it change our lives forever?  Countries have gone on lockdown, companies and airlines have gone bankrupt, travel companies are laying off a massive amount of workers and hotels have now turned into hospitals.  When […]

07/04/20202 min read

What is an APEC business travel card?

If you are someone who goes for international business travel on a regular basis, there are certain travel programs that you need to know about.  And one of them is an APEC Business Travel Card. Having an APEC business travel card, you get to travel internationally for your business travel easier and stress-free.  APEC stands […]

01/04/20202 min read

Should We be worried About The Future Of The Airline Industry?

The airline industry is undeniably suffering. Oil shocks, currency changes, occasional accidents and groundings. They were big deals but suddenly, they seem like a very small problem for the industry. Now, the impact of COVID-19 on airlines are pushing the industry into new territory, beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. The crisis is worsening daily and the […]

01/04/20202 min read

Modernize Your Corporate Travel Policy Easily.

What would encourage a Corporate Travel Policy Makeover? While the need to reduce costs often triggers a policy makeover, it is best to take a more holistic approach and strive to generate a flexible policy that is :  Simple to accomplish Gives employees satisfaction Increases productivity  Delivers compliance  While also saving your company’s spending Make […]

23/03/20203 min read

How An Automated Travel And Expenses Work

We all know that time is money and with a new tech advancement. This is excellent news for finance. Less time spent on administrative work and more time focused on the things that will really drive your business. One area where automation should be more than welcome is travel and expense management. A task that […]

17/03/20203 min read

Best Business Travel Hacks to Boost Productivity

Use A Checklist  There’s a reason why the concept of a checklist has been ensured so long across so many industries. With the hustle & bustle of preparing your business travel, the chances of you forgetting something is very high. But you can prevent that by compiling a checklist well in advance. You can even […]

11/03/20203 min read

When booking accommodation for a business trip

How to ensure that you are booking a nice hotel for your business trip?  Location, Location, Location There are a few ways for business travellers to book hotels and deal with pricing issues. The first thing to do is always take note of your location. Location is the prime factor for business travellers’ to select […]

19/02/20203 min read

More business travel hacks!

On our previous post, we have shared 10 interesting business travel hacks that prove to be useful was our road warriors. If you knew those 10 tips that were given, here’s another 10 hacks & we bet you would not know some of it! As far as business travel can be fun and full of […]

18/02/20203 min read