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Make Business Traveller Happy By Simplifying And Rewarding Travellers

Everyone has only 24 hours in a day and 365 days a year. I really hate to do time-consuming work and always looking for anything to make work simple.

I attend business trips about 180 days in a year and I’ve always felt that arranging the trip and sorting my travel expenses wasted my precious time. That amount of time would be much more useful if spent on doing actual work and being productive.

I found most business travellers felt the same way, so decided to start EzBizTrip to make business travel much easier and simpler.

Takaya TomoseCo-Founder of EzBizTrip

Our Dynamic Team

Takaya Tomose

Co-Founder & CEO

Huong Vu

Product Owner

Traven Koo

Sales & Marketing Manager

Shazrina Aim

Sales Executive

Minh Nguyen



UX/UI Designer

Phan Ha


Vu Hoan


Thang Nguyen


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