Automate and manage your corporate travel bookings and expenses.

EzBizTrip is the best platform to make business travel much easier and simpler.

EzBizTrip changes your Business Travel

Effortlessly book your business travel with “Smart Suggestion”

  • Booking time reduced from 30 minutes down to 10
  • Easily find what best suits you
  • Increase productivity by spending less time on bookings
  • AI-driven personalized based on preferences, past bookings and corporate travel policy
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“Expense on the Go” automates your Travel Expenses

Improve productivity by making it quick and straightforward for employees to track spend. Our integrated solution automates expense reports and improves visibility into your business spend
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“Built-in Corporate Travel Policy” that provides flexibility on booking and ensures 100% policy compliance at the same time.

Built-in policies for employees to gain flexibility while staying within budget.
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Get the most out of your travels with our “Happy Rewards” program

EzBizTrip Business Travel Rewards program incentivizes and encourages employees to make better spending decisions and maximizes savings by offering more flexibility while rewarding them when they come under budget
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Local Support - You are always in good hands! Our team is around the world!

Business Travel is complicated & tiring, we get it. Whether you’re on the road or in the office, our team will always be there for you, in a chatbot and over the phone, at no additional cost. You can call in, chat, email us and we will be assisting you. Our corporate travel platform is based in Singapore, but we also provide services in these languages : Japanese, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese.

How can a corporate travel like EzBizTrip work for your team?

For BusinessTravellers

  • Booking your Business trip in minutes

    Our travel booking experience simply reflects on your corporate travel policy and examines different fares and your preferences. With the capability of EzBizTrip AI-driven personalization, it’s fast and easy to make the best selection for your needs.

  • Expense Claim at your fingertips

    Maintaining a record of your business travel details is quick and simple with EzBizTrip. You can record your expense at your fingertips by snapping photos of receipts and attach it anytime, anywhere!

  • Get Reward with your Business Travel

    Get Rewarded by making a cost-conscious trip for your business travel and redeem rewards which are Grab gift cards, IKEA vouchers and many more!

  • You are very Secured

    We are always here for you! You will be able to contact us whenever any complications occur. Call, chat and email us anytime from anywhere.

For BusinessOwner

  • Save time for employee’s travel booking

    With EzBizTrip, your employee can be more productive for Business Travel arrangement. Instead of spending time on travel arrangements and expense claims, they can focus on their actual work.

  • Employees will go to Business travels happily

    Our unique “Happy Reward” encourages your employees to go on business trips happily and save cost.

  • Get better visibility through Our Travel Analytics

    Get immediate access to real-time data with excellent reporting capabilities for better tracking of spend and review of business travel performance. EzBizTrip allows the arrangement of policies and comes with intelligent features like a solid policy to ensure compliance while continuing to be as flexible as possible.

  • Ensure your travellers’ safety

    Having a corporate travel management platform that accommodates with your business and gives great selection is important to keeping employees safe when unforeseen situations occur.

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